Photographer looking for collaboration partners

I am a photographer based in Copenhagen. As a foreigner in Denmark my network is limited and I would like to try and expand it as much as I can. I am curious to meet people in the creative industries working with advertising, marketing and PR as well as designers art directors, copywriters and journalists. You can see my work at

Hvad er din baggrund og hvad laver du?: I am educated in web design and fine art photography. I work as a commercial photographer.
Hvad er du god til og hvad kan du tilbyde?: I specialise in high end photography and I can offer to people and companies help with art directing and developing visual concepts around images for marketing and PR. I can shoot and retouch images and create video content for different needs.
Hvad leder du efter?: I would like to publish my work in Danish magazines so I am looking to collaborate with journalists for the purpose of creating articles on a variety of topics related to lifestyle and food. I am interested in meeting magazine editors and art directors in ad agencies. I am also looking for a food or fashion stylist and makeup artists that are starting up and are looking to build their portfolio.

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